Lancaster Avenue
Bowls Club Luton

Ladies v Gents 5 June 2021

Gents winning rink

Kal Dosanjh, Bernard Perry, David Crumplin

Ladies winner

Valerie Kotlinski, Peter Webster,  Linda O’Brien




Drawn Pairs 1 August 2021

12 players took part in the competition and pairs were drawn prior to the start of ther tournament

Winners of the Drawn Pairs Cup

David Crumplin and Peter Webster

Winners of the Drawn Pairs Bowl

Rod Heal and Harold Keech

Saturday 5 June: weather good and saw the Ladies, supported by Jim and Peter, come out overall winners of the competition 67 - 47. Photos of top Ladies Rink and Top Men Rink below  Full scores, Peter/Linda/Val 28; Lorna/Pauline/Rachel 20:;Jim/Tina/Maureen 19; Bernard/David/Kal 18; Frank/Rod/ Roger C 16; Harold/Malcolm/Bob  13;

Ladies winning rink

Valerie Kotlinski, Peter Webster, Linda O’Brien